Universe in your Palm!

Further to our previous blog on Hasta mudra for consciousness and healing, mudras have many more purposes as each finger represents more. The thumb represents kidney, bladder, intestines, belly and female reproductive organs and the Index finger represents the throat, neck, teeth, ears and thyroid glands. The Middle finger is for intellectual awareness, power, accomplishments, and ego whereas the ring finger is for eyes, face, and brain. The pinky, little finger, represents the heart, lungs, shoulders, upper back and circulatory system of our body. This information on fingers is useful for curing people with acupressure or acupuncture.


According to the tantra philosophy, the universe is the expression of awareness or consciousness. The Shiva being masculine and retains the static quality and Shakti or the Kundalini, a feminine, is dynamic, energetic and very creative. The human beings are a miniature universe. Every principle that applies to the universe also applies to human beings.It means that even our palm represents the energy. The chakras that are present in our body from head to the base can also be represented from the palm of our hand. The hands connect us with a deeper level of what we start and end with. But today due to the rise in technology advancement we use our head to achieve success and barely use our hands as most of the things can be done by the pushing the buttons. This can be another very big reason that why societies are not seeing the true happiness, thus, lacking in success.


The left hand is the hand of God, also called the hand of receiving. The right hand is the hand of giving also completing the flow of energy on our body for prosperity. But what happens to the people who are left-handed. To make it simpler, the hand of receiving if the hand that is dominant. For lefties, it is the right hand which is dominant so now there will be no confusion on right-handed and left-handed people.

Let us further explore the palm and the chakras present in it. The center of the palm represents the crown chakra or Sahasrara chakra. The Ajna chakra is found on the ring finger, The Apollo or the Sun, whereas the Vishuddhi chakra is placed on the index finger representing the planet Jupiter. In astrology terms, Jupiter represents the Guru, the indicator, the guide, and that is why this finger is also used to point at something, the direction. The little finger is for planet mercury and the heart chakra (Anahata Chakra) is placed there. The Middle finger is associated with the planet Saturn and Manipura chakra is placed there, the chakra of intellectual awareness and ego. The thumb represents swadhistana chakra which is ruled by the planet Mars. This represents the victory or the commander. Last chakra that is Mooladhara chakra is placed at the base of the palm.


If we understand the importance of our hands and palm then we can achieve our goals in life and can be a soul of pure consciousness.

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