Worried about the child mental health?

Are you also worried about the mental health of your child? As parents and as teachers; we often face unhealthy behaviour and practises by the children. We meet aggressive small kids with irritating habits. These young and vulnerable children are exposed to the fast-paced world with internet, online gaming and social media. This competitive environment with virtual... Continue Reading →

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Astrology and Spirituality

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog that is based on the universe in our palm. As I have mentioned earlier that the human beings are miniature universe and planets and their energy represents different parts of our body, astronomy or astrology also has some direct connect in our lives. Here, I would... Continue Reading →

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Gauging the Process of Meditation

"Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace." Lord Krishna

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Spirituality at Business

There’s more to life and business than money alone. Ethics, Integrity and Values are the real concern of the hour. New edge corporates are committed to the “people, planet and profit.” Loyal employees and a healthy environment are as important as the economics. Spirituality offers a great difference through a fundamental transformation. A poll published... Continue Reading →

Universe in your Palm!

Further to our previous blog on Hasta mudra for consciousness and healing, mudras have many more purposes as each finger represents more. The thumb represents kidney, bladder, intestines, belly and female reproductive organs and the Index finger represents the throat, neck, teeth, ears and thyroid glands. The Middle finger is for intellectual awareness, power, accomplishments,... Continue Reading →

Hastha Mudras for Consciousness and Healing

Mudra is a formation of a gesture, we also call it a ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism performed during spiritual practices.  Mudras involve the eyes, body postures, and breathing techniques as well, here we will focus on understanding the Hastha Mudra for meditation and consciousness. Hastha Mudra is a Sanskrit term where hastha means... Continue Reading →

Mantra Meditation and Healing

A sound is a powerful tool. The vibrations and waves generated due to the right kind of sound can heal the soul. Music, however, has always been there as a source of relaxation and peace. Music is also a type of sound. Our solar system creates a sound of AUM. God is the master of... Continue Reading →

Our Mind and Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra is also termed as conscious sleep. This is a stage between sleep and wakefulness. Without losing the awareness we visualize and this is an important technique in Yog Nidra to unlock the contents stored in our unconscious mind. A person who is not enlightened would dream regularly. Such people dream even when they... Continue Reading →

Meditation and Effects of Colors

Let's get introduced to the colors again Colours are energy and light. Technically speaking, it is visible because of the light reflection. We see different colors because there is a variety of wavelengths that make us see different colors. Imagine a world without colors? It will be boring and lifeless. Colours play an important role... Continue Reading →

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